What when?
Videotron start offering cable television services

Videotron add cable telephone services

November Videotron start marketing their services in conjunction with Internet Service Providers

Second half Extensive Videotron marketing campaign to attract Internet users
23 October Cable and Wireless agree merger of four cable companies including Videotron

1 January - 31 May Videotron marketing campaign continues
March Unmetered calls extended from 12 to 14 hours per weekday
1 June CWC comes into being; Videotron name vanishes
9 June Letter of welcome to CWC from Graham Wallace
June Speculation about loss of unmetered local calls starts
24 June Cable and Wireless Watch (old site) opened
June - October Conflicting signals from CWC about loss of unmetered local calls
Late October Leaked information by word of mouth of intended removal of unmetered local calls
Late October Cable and Wireless Watch redesigned
9 November Email from Graham Wallace confirming CWC intent
12 November Pledge and news pages launched
21 November Mailing list launched
9 December Well-known consumer publication gets involved
11 December 100 pledges signed
14 December Outline legal research completed
23 December CWC give impression of backing down over unmetered local calls

2 January CWC marketing material distributed, sparking off complaints
5 January Pledge rewritten to gather statistics
10 January 200 pledges signed
21 January Brief mention in The Guardian
23 January Decision 'in principle' to remove unmetered local calls taken
28 January OFTEL direct CWC to supply tariff information to anyone who wants it
30 January ASA take up complaint about CWC marketing material
4 February Times article released
4 February Statement about cable modems
mid-February - mid-March Increase in line rental and removal of Videotron benefits
11 February CWC confirm that unmetered local calls will stay
18 February Doctor Keyboard article printed in The Times
19 February CWC try to take their statements back
21 February 300 pledges signed
25 February Second Doctor Keyboard article published
26 February CWC statement
28 February CWC correction to statement
5 March Which? feature published
6 March ASA ask for information on another complaint
11 March Practical Internet article published
31 March Festival of 'Free' Calls takes place
1 April 400 pledges signed
2 April Removal of Videoway announced
17 April Wrong bills start turning up
1 May Cable modem trials 'stay of execution'
2 May 450 pledges signed
13 May Billing problems partially corrected
25 May Cable and Wireless Watch is 1
27 May 500 pledges signed
June Move to new billing system
10 June Two complaints against CWC advertising upheld by ASA
22-26 June Three print articles about misbilling
3 July 550 pledges signed
6 July Informal ASA ruling
8 July Third complaint against CWC advertising upheld by ASA
30 July Improved set-top box announced
end of July OFTEL begin investigation of misbilling
11 August CWC try to change Southampton tariffs
2 September More billing problems
4 September Unofficial confirmation of set-top box charges
26 September 600 pledges signed
22 October First intimations of OFTEL investigation
Text by Alastair Scott

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