You need to change now, CWC!
My mailbox says it all. The events of the past year-and-a-bit have:

  • Angered many people who spend a lot of money on CWC services;
  • Been grossly unfair to CWC Customer Service employees who have had to fend off this anger;
  • Suggested that the custom of ex-Videotron subscribers isn't valued;
  • Kept ex-Videotron subscribers from signing up for further services;
  • Damaged the corporate image CWC wants to portray through its advertising;
  • Caused considerable mistrust of CWC's motives as news has spread;
  • Led to all manner of wild rumours and conspiracy theories flying around;
  • Demonstrated that the Videotron tariffs were popular and excellent value.
The last point has a big impact on the future.

If the Videotron tariffs were poor value, why would subscribers stay with them? And why try to airbrush Videotron out of history? Is it because other CWC customers, if they knew what the Videotron tariffs were, would - rightly - want them too?

So, from now on, how should the situation which has been allowed to develop be handled?

Three steps forward, no steps back

A statement that the custom of ex-Videotron subscribers is valued; a reassurance that a reasonable alternative - which must contain unmetered local calls - to the current Videotron tariff will be provided.


Bring in the proposed compromise of unmetered calls to one nominated local number for everyone as soon as practically possible.

Even later:

Such unmetered calls would be a big attraction for existing Internet users, for those were interested but were worried about the cost and for those who thought they weren't interested. Given a core of satisfied Internet users, better but more expensive access technologies would find takers.

Competition looming
So what if nothing is done?

At the moment ex-Videotron subscribers are hardly likely to recommend CWC to their friends, relatives and neighbours: the whole sad story - sad because it could easily have been avoided - is on this site.

As for Internet users, unless CWC start recognising their needs there are several competing Internet technologies which, when they finally become available, will take them elsewhere.

All's well that ends well?
If CWC continue to make mistakes, they will become uncompetitive on access speed and monthly cost and Internet users will go elsewhere; if CWC start showing more sensitivity and humility many Internet users, including the author, will be using CWC services.

And they will feel able to recommend a company which admitted that it was wrong and mended its ways.
Text by Alastair Scott

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