Do you have unused Web space?

Something I've noticed, on checking pledges, is that about 75% of signers don't use their Web space at all.

Here I propose a two-stage process where you:
  • Set up a very simple site in your Web space which links to the Watch;
  • Make a small alteration to your email and news settings so that anyone reading a message from you is encouraged to open up your site in their Web browser ... and then go to the Watch.
This process takes only a few minutes to complete and, I hope, will spread word of the Watch far and wide.

Stage 1 Create a Web site. This is easy because I've done it for you: all you need to do is get it and upload it to your Web space. To do this:
  • Download a zipped file (12KB) containing the pre-made Web site by clicking here;
  • Unzip this file, producing three files DESCR.TXT, WATCH_BANNER.GIF and INDEX.HTM: if you don't have an unzip program, try WinZip;
  • Upload the three files to your Web space.
For details of how to use your Web space see here (TDC subscribers).

Stage 2 Link to the Web site in your signature file. This is a text file which is added to the end of every email message you send. See your email package's documentation for details of how to set up a signature, but here are outline instructions for a number of packages:

Outlook 98

Select Tools | Options ... from the menu, then press the Mail Format tab, then press the Signature Picker ... button, then press the New ... button and follow the prompts.

Outlook Express

Select Tools | Stationery ... from the menu, then press the Signature ... button, then fill in the form that pops up.

Eudora Light

Select Tools | Signature from the menu, displaying a submenu with Standard and Alternate. Select Standard. A popup window opens: type or paste the signature into it. Close the window and you will be prompted to save the signature: press the Yes button.

When sending messages, the drop-down box second from left selects which signature you require. Its options are <none>, Standard and Alternate. Choose Standard before sending.

To make Eudora use the signature by default, select Tools | Options from the menu: a window opens with an icon bar on the left. Click on the Sending Mail icon, check the Use signature option at the bottom of the window and press OK.

Pegasus Mail

Select Tools | Options from the menu, then press the Signatures button. This opens a window which allows you to define up to nine different signatures: press the Edit button against the one you want to set up, enter a short name for identification, type or paste the signature into the middle text box, press Save, then press OK.

All of these signatures are available when in Reply/Message: press the Signatures button and select the appropriate one.

A sample signature file, again for TDC subscribers, is:

Joe Bloggs (London, UK)
I support Cable and Wireless Watch - keep Videotron unmetered calls!

You can cut and paste this, replacing the name and username (j-bloggs) with yours.

If you use Usenet (news), I encourage you to add the same signature to your news package.
Text by Alastair Scott

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