Letters to and fro

It looks as though Graham Wallace may have trouble explaining away recent events. Here is a letter which, it would appear, forms as plausible an explanation as can be made under the circumstances: he is invited to use the text as he sees fit.

On the other hand, here is a very long letter which was sent to Graham Wallace on 24 February 1998. It breaks down everything that has happened since June 1997 into twenty points which he is invited to answer. I add a twenty-first point:

21. If you are indeed planning to remove 'cable-cable' unmetered local calls, why did part of your Press Office's confirmatory statement to The Times make a completely convincing and consistent argument for retaining such calls? Why has no such argument - indeed, no argument at all - been put forward for removing such calls? Is it because there is no argument?

In my mind this is one of the most extraordinary aspects of the whole affair - the only reasoning CWC has ever put forward on the Videotron issue is in support of what is now alleged to be against company policy.

By the end of May 1998 this letter had been sent seven times to CWC, once by Recorded Delivery, and had not even once been acknowledged; by mid-July there was still no response.
Text by Alastair Scott and Nick Mailer

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