"They'll get you for this, Alastair"

There have been a good couple of dozen emails, conversations and ICQ chat sessions on this. All I can say is:
  • Who are "they" and what is "get"?
  • I don't think my backbone curves to anyone;
  • Any attempt to 'get' me, or to censor the site, would be wonderful publicity;
  • The following snippet of ICQ chat (I'm thebrix) refers to real 'getting'.
Who's afraid of the big bad corporation? (And hands up all those who thought chat was trivial ...)

thebrix Going back to the way most people react when a large company roars, it's extremely depressing. I've had about 20 !! emails on the theme of "they'll get you Alastair". As an ex-campaigner against the Poll Tax in Scotland I know this cast of mind well.

nickm "Get you?" What? Hire a hit squad???!! "Getting to know you, getting to know all about you" :-)

thebrix Yes, I see the yellow visiting card on my prostrate body ... "CWC Contract Services thank you for letting them 'get to know you'" :)

nickm Living in South Africa has led me to be very forceful against any organisation or department that tries to throw its weight, so I find this very depressing.

thebrix Yes, I've been following the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (via Radio 4 and Web site). Now that is impressive!

nickm My father was one of Winnie Mandela's lawyers some time ago, and I fear she has always been like that. She threatened him that if he did not purchase expensive perfume for her in prison, she would "deal with the situation". And he was her DEFENCE :-)

nickm Because my dad acted for the ANC treason trialists, we had death threats from the secret police phoned to us in the middle of the night and so on. So to hear people say "CWC will get you" makes me giggle.
Text by Alastair Scott

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