Cable Modem Survey
The object of the Cable Modem Survey is to find out what happens elsewhere in the world - particularly existing users' attitudes to metering cable modems

If you are a cable modem user, or have friends who have one, please get them to fill in the survey below and email it to me. The results are here.

Cable Modem Survey

In the United Kingdom cable modems are on the horizon. Unfortunately one of the companies due to roll them out, Cable and Wireless Communications (, has at least thought of some crazy metering schemes ... paying by very low 'packets' of data - for example, per 100KB or 1MB for everything downloaded - or even, unbelievably, by time as with almost all local phone calls and all national phone calls in the UK.

If you could answer the questions below and send what you write to me that would be a wonderful help: I will put what I receive, suitably distilled and manipulated, onto my Cable and Wireless Watch site in due course.

1. Name and URL of cable modem service provider;

2. Cost of service per month;

3. Is your cable modem access metered?

3a. If it is, how? (for example, 'the basic monthly fee gets you 2GB download then you pay $x per MB');

3b. If it is, is it a problem? (for example, is the flat rate download ceiling too low? does the metering put you off doing something?);

3c. If it is not, would any later imposition of metering be acceptable to you?

4. Is the cable modem service worth what you pay for it?

5. Would you go back to a telephone modem, even though you would pay less per month?
Text by Alastair Scott

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